Friday, August 20, 2010

Liebe and the Dog Beach

Liebe has become a fan of the Beach. There is a great Dog Beach on Coronado and so we thought we would take Liebe to see how he likes it. He loves to swim and it was a big hit.
He was out it the waves chasing his ball. He was competing with other dogs to get to the ball first. He really was having a fun time.
He was taking a break here. Swimming in the waves did get him tired.We thought that he wanted to leave after he laid down on the sand. But he just rested for a few minutes and hopped up for some more fun in the water.
This is one of my favorites of him. Bouncing through the waves back to the shore. It was really fun to see him enjoy the beach. This was our only trip to the beach so far because it is a lot of work to clean him up after playing in the SAND, the worst part of the beach.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sea World

Over Memorial Day weekend we enjoyed seeing the sites of San Diego. Sea World was a big hit with the whole family. We enjoyed seeing the majestic Killer Whales. I love this show because it teaches us to follow our dreams and that is so important for us to do. I hope that my children will always follow their dreams.

This was so cute to watch the killer whales shaking its head at us. Then they started twirling around and around with thier fins out. And then came the command to get the crowd wet. And boy did a few people get wet. Luckily we learned from the dolphin show to sit up higher in the stands.

This is a picture from the new dolphin show and boy it really is amazing. There is diving and acrobatics and dolphins jumping and whales getting everyone wet. Our girls don't like to get wet but we thought it would be good to sit close so we can see better and that was not a good decision. We were very wet by the end of the show and so were our sweaters trying to make sure the girls didn't get wet. They still got a little wet on the bottom half but at least they didn't get water splashed in their faces. We won't be sitting in the Spalsh Zone again.

I love the Sting Ray pool. It is really fun to interact with the sea life. The girls really liked having their dad help them touch the sting rays.

Here's the family nice and dry before the dolphin show. It was a fun day at the park. I'm sure that next summer will be filled with lots of days at Sea World. We decided to wait until next year when the girls are older to buy our year passes. We sure do love San Diego and like Luis says all the time, "it feels like we are on vacation". We have had a lot of those "vacation" moments living in San Diego.