Thursday, January 7, 2010

Letters from Luis

nWell, I thought I would update my blog. I have really been busy this last month trying to get everything organized at my parents house and trying to feel at home. It has been difficult because my sister and her family live here as well. They were supposed to be moved out before I moved in but finances are short and so we all live here together. I have a lot less space then I was planning on and I brought too much stuff to fit into that small space. Well, I think I have finally got everything organized and settled.
This week I received 4 letters from Luis. He is doing well and working hard. He has passed his first set of Physical Trainings and also his swimming test and float test. We are really proud of him because he was so worried about these tests at Bootcamp. He is also studying really hard for his next set of tests on all the procedures, aircarft info and gun handling. I'm not too worried about these because he does really good on tests so we are just praying that he passes with flying colors. If he passes all of these tests he will graduate on Feb. 12th. This is really exciting because this is the day after his birthday and right before Valentine's Day. I will be attending his graduation but have decided to not take my girls to save myself the pain of having them see their Daddy and then having him leave again. I have thought about it a lot and I don't think I could handle it, let alone Luis handling it too. Anyway, I look forward to seeing Luis again soon, only about a month to go. After he graduates he will be going to Mississippi for his job training. He will be there for about 5 weeks and then we will find out where we will be moving to. So for now we still don't know for sure where we will end up.