Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time for pictures!!

Recently Luis and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. I made this cake for a nice sweet treat after dinner the day after our anniversary. I have been interested in cake decorating lately but this isn't a good job at it. It was just fun to try something new. My mom always had fun decorating cakes and so I think I'm catching the bug. Kristine's 3rd birthday is coming up so we'll see what I can do for her B-day!!

So here are some pictures from the pool. My friend Sarah introduced us to the Tooele Army Depot pool and we have taken the girls a couple times this summer. Here is our first visit, Kaitlin's first time at the swimming pool. She really loves water and we are trying to get Kristine excited about the swimming pool. They had these perfect little kid sized chairs they love sitting in.

Kristine got daring and decided to climb up and down the ladder. She was holding on for dear life but she was having fun.

We have had some fun family memories this summer. We are surely going to miss Tooele when we have to leave!