Friday, December 27, 2013

Its been too, too long

Well, I have to say that it has been too long since I have posted to our blog.  But things are settling down some after the craziness of the last 4 years.  I figured it was time to get back to updating our blog.  SO the update goes as followed:

* spent the last four years moving excessively with the changes in our Navy sailor's deployments
* we are now(well almost...Feb its official) on shore duty (where we won't be going anywhere for the next 3 years)
*  our family has grown
*  we just bought a new house
*  we couldn't be more grateful for the US Navy and everything that we have been able to accomplish in our daily lives.

I'm looking forward to catching up on my "journaling" as part of this blog!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Liebe and the Dog Beach

Liebe has become a fan of the Beach. There is a great Dog Beach on Coronado and so we thought we would take Liebe to see how he likes it. He loves to swim and it was a big hit.
He was out it the waves chasing his ball. He was competing with other dogs to get to the ball first. He really was having a fun time.
He was taking a break here. Swimming in the waves did get him tired.We thought that he wanted to leave after he laid down on the sand. But he just rested for a few minutes and hopped up for some more fun in the water.
This is one of my favorites of him. Bouncing through the waves back to the shore. It was really fun to see him enjoy the beach. This was our only trip to the beach so far because it is a lot of work to clean him up after playing in the SAND, the worst part of the beach.